Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day Today with Friends!

Today is the Tolkien Society’s International Tolkien Reading Day Celebration, which this year the theme is friendship.

The Tolkien Society has put together a page of videos from Tolkien Society trustees and Tolkien Scholars reading passages that cover this years theme:

John Garth, Dr Mark Atherton, Dr Dimitra Fimi, Dr Stuart D. Lee, and Dr Corey Olsen for take part in the video series.

Click here to visit the Tolkien Reading Day page at the Tolkien Society website

Below is  “John Garth, author of Tolkien and the Great War, reading G.B. Smith’s letter to Tolkien for Tolkien Reading Day 2015.”

In 2013, to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday, otherwise known as Hobbit Day, Myth Ink Books Editor in Chief and New York Tolkien Conference Organizer Jessica Burke read from The Hobbit. Here is her reading of The Gathering of the Clouds.

Visit the Tolkien Society and let them know what you will be reading, use #TolkienReadingDay on Twitter, comment below, and let everyone know what you will be reading.

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