NY Tolkien Conference seeks Volunteer Fellowship

leaf_from_logo copyHail and Well Met Friends!
We are seeking any and all adventurous Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves and Humans, No Orcs Please–to be a part of our New York Tolkien Conference Volunteer Fellowship.

If you are interested in Volunteering please read all of the following.

There are two Conference Staff members who will be coordinating the Volunteer Team: Rachel Kambury and Jessica Burke

All of our Volunteers will receive several perks for their help TBA, one of which will be a copy of the Conference Proceedings upon publication.

We have several areas that we will need volunteers for:

Set Up/BreakDown:

Arrive 8:30 a.m to assist setting up and breakdown when the Conference ends at 5pm.  The team that sets up in the morning may not necessarily be the same team that breaks down in the evening.

Assist with the flow of traffic:

We will need a few volunteers on each conference floor, Main Lobby 1st Floor, 6th & 7th Floor to be able to direct attendees to Conference areas as they enter the Conference and instruct them if they get lost trying to find a particular programming room.

Programming Rooms:

In order to keep the programming schedule going as timely as possible we will need volunteers to monitor each room as programs begin and end. We will have signs outside of each room cluster of programs taking place in that area, and volunteers can assist everyone with information as necessary and each presenter to ensure they have all they need.


Sign In/Information Table:

At the start of the Conference attendees will be directed to the 7th Floor Main Conference Hall, after check in with Security in the Main Lobby,  for the Opening Address. Outside of that room will be a few tables. The Main Table will be a Sign In Table.  We will need at least 3 Volunteers to Welcome Visitors and check them off so they can receive their Conference wristband and Program book.  All Conference Information will be at this table.

We will also have a table for a Silent Auction & for Myth Ink Books that two of the Conference Organizers will need a few volunteers for.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Volunteer positions will be rotated so every volunteer has a chance to enjoy the Conference.

These are the major areas we will need volunteers for, we will update this post and Volunteers Section as we get closer to the Conference.

If you would like to Volunteer you can either send an email to or more preferably fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly thereafter.

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