Conference Theme: Friends and Fellowship


April 26, 2015 by Anthony Burdge

Conference Proceedings  Not Final Cover

Conference Proceedings
Not Final Cover

When we set out to establish the New York Tolkien Conference there was not a theme chosen. However, with other Conferences where themes are chosen every year.  For our Conference, in its first year, we felt it to best to be as broad as possible.

Over the last decade or so, with our work with Heren Istarion: The Northeast Tolkien Society, we have been honored to become long time friends with many brilliant people within Tolkien fandom.  As the Tolkien community has become aware of the New York Tolkien Conference, we have seen some incredible comments on our website, social media, news sites, forums and Facebook.  We cannot be thankful enough for the wonderful support everyone has shown for this event.  The Tolkien community to us are not only friends, but a Fellowship.

Therefore due to this joyous feeling we have from everyone, we have decided upon a theme, one dedicated to the Tolkien community:

Friends and Fellowship

Therefore the title for the Conference Proceedings will also be “Friends and Fellowship,” which will be published this fall. The image above is a mock up and not the final cover image.

Thank you everyone for your support thus far and we look forward to seeing you all in June!


3 thoughts on “Conference Theme: Friends and Fellowship

  1. earthoak says:

    I’d love to be able to read previous collections of conference proceedings – are they available? Thank you! This year’s conference looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

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