2016 NY #Tolkien Conference Update

Hail and Well Met Friends,

It is our hope this finds you all well. We are preparing a series of updates concerning the 2016 New York Tolki11846566_10156128917680221_5748738825665812689_nen Conference, which this is the first.

Our 2016 Conference will be dedicated to the memory of Tolkien/Inklings Artist Jef Murray. Stay Tuned for further announcements on what we planning to honor our dear, late friend.

Our theme is chosen, our Guests of Honor selected, but currently are in discussion with another venue to host the Conference. We are aiming for a mid-June to late July 2016 date to hold the Conference, which all depends upon the hosting venue.

This week we shall be announcing the theme and Guests of Honor, but first we are in need to build a team for 2016.

We were very grateful to a number of our attendees who offered to volunteer their time and skills for the next Conference. If that offer still stands we can certainly use the help.

Bilbo by Jef Murray

Here is what we are seeking (if you do not see something you can help with but have applicable experience/skills to offer then contact us at email below):

Prior to the Conference-
Graphic Design (to assist with web and printed images)
Social Media/Public Relations (to work directly with Anthony on getting word out–some experience would be a plus, especially if you work for an applicable news outlet, agency and/or publication)
Writers (to write articles related to Tolkien, our theme and the Conference, conduct speaker interviews, etc for our website–must have prior writing experience)

leaf_from_logo copyOn Site at the Conference:

Room Coordinators: Keep programs running in timely fashion and ensure all presenters are in attendance
Guest/Speaker Liaison: Coordinate with Guest of Honor/Speakers on individual needs and rendering assistance where necessary
Information/Registration Staff: We would like to have a rotating staff be in charge of the information/registration table(s) — by having a rotating staff we can have everyone enjoy the Conference throughout the Conference and not be the only one stuck at the table all day.

These lists may be amended in future updates but for now these are the basics of a volunteer staff we seek to build.

If you are interested to be a part of the 2016 NY Tolkien Conference Team, please write to Anthony and Jessica at


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