New Conference Art for 2016 Event

Hail and Welcome Friends!
We are excited to share an extraordinarily special design created by Luke Spooner of Carrion House, in-house artist for Myth Ink Books, for this year’s conference. Last year, for our theme of “Friends and Fellowship,” Luke designed this gorgeous image for our inaugural conference, which featured Bilbo and Bag End.
Logo ArtThis was an absolutely stunning illustration in our opinion, and captured the start of an adventure, and subsequent fellowship formed at last year’s Conference.

This year as you know our focus concerns Tolkien and The Inklings, and the combined disciplines of our Guests of Honor, Dr. Kristine Larsen, and Dr. Jared Lobdell in “The Inkling and Science.”

We discussed with Luke ideas and we felt capturing elements from the work of Tolkien and CS Lewis would perhaps be best. Luke has brought those elements together in our new Conference image for 2016:
Lampost Logo_2016ConWe look forward to having you join us for a very special journey exploring the created worlds of the Inklings on July 16th. If you have not registered for your ticket, please do so here Or click the button on the top right of this website.

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