NY CS Lewis Society & Winged Lion Press Join the Conference

Hail Friends,

In our last update we announced the end of the call for programming, which our page was updated shortly ago with newly accepted programs. There will be one or two more panels added to round out our day.  We are very honored to have amongst our fellowship for the 2016 NY Tolkien Conference a representative from the New York C.S. Lewis Society, Robert Trexler who also operates Winged Lion Press.
Mr. Trexler will be have a table with sample bulletins and material about the NY CSL Society.  To accompany information on the NY CSL Society there will be numerous titles about CS Lewis and George MacDonald available for purchase from Winged Lion Press.

Page 1 from CSL March April 2016About the New York CS Lewis Society:
The New York C.S. Lewis Society (founded 1969) is the oldest society for the appreciation and discussion of C.S. Lewis in the world.
The Society holds Meetings every second Friday of the month (except August).
Subscribing members receive a bi-monthly bulletin –
CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society.
Click here to read A Brief History of the New York CS Lewis Society by Robert Trexler

About Winged Lion PressLionTransparency1forWeb
Robert Trexler began publishing in 1999 as the Editor of the bi-monthly bulletin CSL: Bulletin of the NY CS Lewis Society. Winged Lion Press continues to publish titles with concern to CS Lewis, George MacDonald, JK Rowling, Poetry and Pop Culture.

Be sure to stop by the table meet Robert Trexler to discuss the NY CSL Society and be sure to grab a few publications by Winged Lion Press!!

CSL Hell RGB Final Light book cover Speaking of Jack

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