Countdown Begins: Programming Update for NY Tolkien Conference II

Hail Fellowship!

cropped-lampost-logo_2016con.jpgThe countdown to the 2016 New York Tolkien Conference has begun with only 3 weeks til we meet again. We are excited to see you all once again to celebrate all things J.R.R Tolkien and The Inklings.

Our Conference Programs page has just been updated with the addition of two new presentations, which totals our day at 14 programs overall. There may be the addition of one last program, those details are currently being worked on.  The 2016 Conference program has a wide array of great topics from brilliant presenters. The 1st New York Tolkien Conference had as our Guest of Honor Janet Brennan Croft and we are excited to announce that she will be returning as one of our speakers for the 2016 Conference. In addition, New York CS Lewis Society Editor and Publisher at Winged Lion Press, Robert Trexler will also be presenting.
We are currently working on the full programming schedule with times and locations of each program, which we hope to release within the coming days.

Here are the details of the latest programs:

janet-brennan-croftDoors Into Elf-Mounds: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords
Janet Brennan Croft
Head of Access and Delivery Services, Rutgers University Libraries
Editor of Mythlore, A Journal of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and Mythopoeic Literature

Tolkien wrote a number of forewords, prefaces, and introductory notes over his long career, both to the works of others and to his own works. I’ll consider his introductions to Spring Harvest, A New Glossary of the Huddersfield Dialect, and several other works, primarily translations, and what they say about Tolkien as a resonator and editor, to use Diana Pavlac Glyer’s terms for specific types of collaboration. More interesting, however, are the forewords to his own fictional works and how, like doors into elf-mounds, they ease the viewer into his fantasy worlds. I’ll investigate how they are structured and their relation to the works they preface, paying particular attention to the textual history of the Red Book of Westmarch frame. Smith of Wootton Major is an especially interesting case, as it started out as a foreword and grew into a story, and is another opportunity to consider Tolkien as collaborator.

Page 1 from CSL March April 2016Speak, Friend, and Enter:” Discovering the Riches of a Local Literary Society.
Robert Trexler
NY C.S. Lewis Society, Winged Lion Press

Unassuming as they might appear, local societies such as The New York Tolkien Society and the New York C.S. Lewis Society can have far-reaching benefits for individual growth and the advancement of Inklings studies. As the publisher/editor of CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society for the past 16 years, Robert Trexler can appreciate what Tolkien, Lewis, and other Oxford Inklings experienced through their friendships and shared interests. This talk aims to extol the virtues of intellectual friendships outside the halls of academia – with examples based on membership in New York Lewis Society and participation at small conferences. Due to the encouragement of like-minded friends, he  created an independent publishing company ten years ago, Winged Lion Press, which specializes in Inklings studies.

If you have yet to purchase your ticket please do so as soon as possible


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