“…on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship…”

Greetings Fellowship,

Our apologies for not addressing this sooner; we have taken note of various social media comments and emails regarding the 2017 Conference.  Back in February we had posted about holding another NY Tolkien Conference, as we were in talks with a local college. Initially we had planned to hold the event later this fall and from initial talks were under the impression that the cost would be nominal, which would ultimately make for a larger conference and one that would have a nominal ticket price. This, however, wasn’t the case. Over the Spring, the college ultimately fell through as a venue, not only would it be too expensive, but our ability in terms of programming and space would be seriously limited. And, the college couldn’t commit to any space until after the Fall term had commenced, thereby making planning near impossible. Furthermore, the college wasn’t keen on our selling tickets to the event, strictly prohibited any vendors of any kind and therefore all costs for the event would be squarely on our shoulders. This was the deal breaker.

As these discussions unfolded, we suffered a serious blow when Jessie’s father, already battling Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, succumbed to the disease in mid-May. During the family crisis that arises when a loved one is struggling with cancer, all our side projects, blogs, et cetera were put aside. This situation has reorganized our priorities, as it were, and so we won’t be holding a NY Tolkien Conference this year. As it stands currently, we don’t foresee us hosting another such event.

We had an incredible first two conferences and want to thank Chris Tuthill and Baruch for hosting us in 2015 and 2016. We want to extend another thank you to our wonderful guests, panelists, attendees, and volunteers, especially Bronwen Hobbs, Kara Szamborski and Tom Hillman.

Our deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported the NY Tolkien Conference over the last 2 years. We have enjoyed your fellowship, love for all things Tolkien & Inklings, and we will miss you all.

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