NY Tolkien Conference Art of Luke Spooner

Hail Fellowship!!

Our post of 9/20/18 cited the Guest Speaker line up for both the Morgan Library and Museum Tolkien Symposium, plus our own New York Tolkien Conference slated for the weekend of 3/16-17/2019.  Read More here

While we work on our next conference announcement regarding hotel accomodations, speakers bios and more, I would like to cite the work of our resident artist Luke Spooner.

As some of you may know beyond the Conference we run an independent micro-press Myth Ink Books and Luke Spooner of Carrion House has illustrated each of our titles.  Beyond our love for Tolkien, our fiction work is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, and our last anthology Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York, featuring the work of 19 different authors (including our Conference partner Chris Tuthill), is full of illustrations from the mind of Luke Spooner.

In addition he has illustrated our first collection of short stories, all written by Conference organizers, Anthony and Jessica, The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales. When we decided to begin organizing Tolkien events in NYC again we turned to Luke to create the images for each conference.

In 2015 our theme being “Friends and Fellowship,” Luke created this image depicting Bilbo stepping out of Bag End and looking ahead. A fitting image regarding adventure, and the future of our conference Fellowship.

For 2016 the theme turned toward Tolkien and the Inklings, in which Luke put forth this amazing image of characters from both Middle-earth and Narnia before the lamp post.

Our Conference in 2017 was to focus upon The Hobbit, but unfortunately Jessica and Anthony had personal matters to deal with and the conference was cancelled. It did not appear the conference would return, which you can read of here. But the image continues to be utilized for social media and promotional purposes.

2017 Conference Logo

In 2018, we had a smaller event featuring a lecture by the brilliant Professor Nicholas Birns, but plans for a fall event fell through.

Yet, for 2019 as you know we are returning for a full Conference weekend March 2019 in which the theme for both events is: “….celebrating creativity and the imagination, both Tolkien’s inspirations and how Tolkien’s work is an inspiration to others…”

Therefore we have sent Luke a bit of information to draw upon, inspire him, and we look forward to sharing that illustration with you all when this website regenerates very soon to reflect Tolkien Weekend 2019.

If you wish to support the New York Tolkien Conference, order a Conference T-shirt here

Visit the website of Illustrator Luke Spooner Here

Follow Luke on Twitter Here

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