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We have had a number of inquiries and questions regarding Conference tickets, Conference attendance etc.  In order to assist with your questions regarding the NY Tolkien Conference we have started this FAQs page to assist you.

How much are tickets?

Ticket Registration TBA

Do I have to reserve a seat at the Conference?

No need to reserve a seat. To attend we encourage everyone to sign up for our newsletter when new information is posted on this website, and check out our NY Tolkien Conference Facebook page for updates

Do you have to be a scholar to attend or present a paper or program?

There is no need to be an established scholar in any field/discipline to attend or present.  This event is a celebration of Tolkien and his work first and foremost, we are looking for program submissions that illustrate every way a Tolkien fans honors his work, whether through scholarship, gaming, filmmaking, cosplay etc.

I want to propose a paper/program for the Conference, is there any format I should follow?

Yes. We will update this question when our Call for Programming is announced for the next Conference

I am visiting from out of town, what options are there for hotels?

We will update this information when more details of the 2017 Conference

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