State of the 2019 Conference: December 2018 Edition

Hullo Travelers of Middle-earth, Our last major Conference update posted on September 20th, 2018 (READ HERE) which consisted of Guest Speakers and initial programs for the March 17th 2019 NY Tolkien Conference. This announcement included information concerning the Tolkien events at The Morgan Library and Museum. Since this announcement you may have noticed on our… Continue reading State of the 2019 Conference: December 2018 Edition


Concerning Hobbits, Wardrobes and Rings

Hullo fair traveler! Our post Tolkien Reading Day news is long overdue! A few notes concerning our March 23rd event, the Lewis and Tolkien play in NYC, a Narnia Inspired poem by author Ryder Miller, and a few tidbits. On Friday March 23rd we gathered at Baruch College, our NYC Tolkien Fellowship meeting hall, to… Continue reading Concerning Hobbits, Wardrobes and Rings


Conference Theme: Friends and Fellowship

When we set out to establish the New York Tolkien Conference there was not a theme chosen. However, with other Conferences where themes are chosen every year.  For our Conference, in its first year, we felt it to best to be as broad as possible. Over the last decade or so, with our work with… Continue reading Conference Theme: Friends and Fellowship