2016 Conference Wrap Up, Looking ahead to 2017

Hail Fellowship, It is our hope everyone returned home safe and sound after visiting NYC for the 2016 NY Tolkien Conference a week ago today.  We have been resting for the last week and gathering our thoughts about this year's Conference, which was the second of our annual Tolkien Conference events. Jessica and I find… Continue reading 2016 Conference Wrap Up, Looking ahead to 2017


Conference This Saturday! Final Update

Hail Fellowship, Our small staff are in crunch mode before this Saturday's second annual New York Tolkien Conference. We are making final preparations before getting the event space set up, and shall be setting up for the next two days.  We are incredibly grateful to Baruch College Librarian Chris Tuthill for arranging to have this… Continue reading Conference This Saturday! Final Update


Guest of Honor Presentation: Jared Lobdell

Hail Fellowship! We have updated our programming today with 4 new programs, and shall post of that separately.  Within that update is 2 programs concerning our Guest of Honor: Jared Lobdell. Guest of Honor Jared Lobdell will present: THREE INKLINGS AND THE SCIENCES OF LANGUAGE:  C. L. WRENN, CSL, JRRT, AND THE “KALENDS-OF-GREECE” COLLABORATION WITH… Continue reading Guest of Honor Presentation: Jared Lobdell


Resources for Inklings Research

We have endeavored to create a section on this website, where you will find links to resources on The Inklings, (i.e. Books, papers, music, websites, podcasts etc), which will assist potential presenters and be of interest to attendees. Our conference theme this year examines The Inklings and Science. These sources cover individual members of The… Continue reading Resources for Inklings Research


NY Tolkien Conference 2016 Guests of Honor

Hail Fellowship! It is our hope this finds you all well today as we Toast to The Professor!  Yesterday we published an article, "State of the 2016 Conference," which has details concerning our Conference plans moving forward.  Please sign up for our newsletter (see box to the right), follow our Facebook page, and Twitter feed… Continue reading NY Tolkien Conference 2016 Guests of Honor


Conference Speaker Jared Lobdell’s New Publication

New York Tolkien Conference Speaker the Tolkien Scholar & Author Jared Lobdell, has had published via our Independent Press Myth Ink Books a new Fantasy chapbook. See below for Pre-Order Information, this will be released and be available for purchase at the Conference June 13th SEEKING THE LORD “The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly… Continue reading Conference Speaker Jared Lobdell’s New Publication

News · Speaker Spotlight

Speaker Spotlight: Jared Lobdell

Hail and Well Met Friends! Today we begin a new feature as we move closer to the Conference entitled Speaker Spotlights.  This feature will give Conference attendees a look at a specific Conference presenter, who they are and what they will be presenting. Our first Speaker Spotlight feature is Tolkien and Inklings Scholar: Jared Lobdell.… Continue reading Speaker Spotlight: Jared Lobdell